LWS650 New generation of food waste oil extraction special large 3-phase centrifuge


-Unique and diverse three-phase separation structure.

-Patented light phase liquid layer adjustment technology

-High-performance wear and corrosion-resistant hard alloy.

-High-performance stainless steel material.

-High dryness screw conveyor and drum structure.

-High torque involute planetary gear differential.

-CIP cleaning system.


-Model: LWS650 x 2650CX

-Capacity: 20 ~ 30m³/h

-Bowl Diameter: 650 mm

-L/D Ratio: 4.1

-Bowl Speed: 2800rpm

-Fr: 2854

-Differential speed: 1 ~ 28rpm

-Main motor: 90kW

-Back motor: 22kW

-Weight: 12600kg

-Dimension: 5600×1850×1500

Astelle Liu
Author: Astelle Liu

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